A Dream Wedding in Cyprus

Every event is built from the ground up. We work closely with our clients, and listen to understand what is most important to them, the atmosphere they're envisioning, how many days they would like the event to last, and what experiences, moments, and memories they want their guests to enjoy.

With the Overseas Tailor-Made method to design an ideal and unique solution for each individual couple. As each couple has different dreams for their wedding, no two weddings should be identical, and therefore we do not operate under traditional package weddings. This method is composed of several stages that are laid out in the initial stages of the wedding planning journey, and thus we can provide all prices upfront, with no surprises.

How We Produce Weddings in Cyprus

תכנון חתונה בחול

Planning and Vision

Once we understand your dream, we zero in on the details. Through our wide network of suppliers and service providers in Israel and Cyprus -- including dozens of boutique hotels, restaurants and tavernas, private beaches, catering services, DJs and photographers, hair and makeup artists -- we have the tools to create a wedding that is tailored to your specific needs, down to every last detail. The magical island of Cyprus offers countless options for entertainment, including cruises, pool parties, jeep tours, a Greek evening at the taverna, and dozens of other unforgettable experiences.

Event Design

After forming an understanding your dream, we will be able to design a custom theme that will follow your guests throughout their time at your wedding. We focus on elegant and clean designs that contribute to a classy and prestigious atmosphere. We will create a landing page for you, which will include your custom invitation and all the details your guests need to know before the big event. After we determine your wedding's theme, we will begin planning all the features that create your desired environment, including flowers, decorations, and any other features you would like.

מיתוג חתונה
הפקת חתונה בקפריסין

The Big Day

The details make all the difference! Chuppah design, hair and makeup for the bride, professional photographs of the couple and family, a ceremony according to your preferences (Did you know you could get married through the rabbinate in Cyprus?) -- everything your wedding needs is carefully planned, down to the minute-by-minute schedule of your big day, so you can enjoy and be relaxed on your wedding day with your family, friends, and a bottle of Ouzo -- we take care of everything!

Guest Services

Your guests create the joyful and loving atmosphere that surrounds your wedding. We provide on-the-ground service, handling and answering all of your guests' needs and questions during the event itself. We do everything to make your wedding the best your guests have ever attended. Imagine the moment when they arrive in Cyprus, enter a beautiful boutique hotel room, and discover a variety of gifts from you -- designed with your wedding's branding, of course -- as a small taste for what's to come. It will be a weekend they will never forget.

חתונה מקורית
חתונה ביוון

Service Providers

We work with both Israeli and Cypriot suppliers, and ensure that they reach an excellence beyond their competitors' abilities. We promise to never require our clients to work with a particular supplier or choose from a limited list. Rather, we will provide recommendations based on prior experiences for which airlines you should fly with, which local suppliers can meet your needs within your budget, and more. This event is your dream -- it's our job to do everything in our power to help you realize it.

Personal Service

Hosting an event abroad requires extra effort to coordinate logistics with family and friends. We also had our wedding abroad went through the same experiences that our clients go through, so we can understand the couple's needs throughout the whole process

חתונה אזרחית
חתונה בים
Mini Honeymoon

What happens after your guests return home? We'll guide you through that as well! After a whirlwind experience at your wedding, you will need your rest. We are here to plan a special and relaxing post-wedding vacation for the couple -- at no additional cost.

We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent service without compromising any details. Overseas is committed to allowing you to enjoy your special weekend free from worry or responsibility. No stress, only loads of pleasure and joy in Cyprus with your family and closest friends!